Magic T:

Next-Generation blockchain + AI dynamic trading platform

Based on the performance of the public chain, integrated, mobile market makers, mobile Services for sex mining, smart contracts and
cross -chain transactions<

MAGIC-T Trading System

It’s a smart contract, based on trust
  • Ai Momentum trading system

    By introducing the latest Ai Technology Amplitude raise, efficiency

  • mobility mining system

    Integrated mainstream mobile mining platform/protocol, recommended Easy access, mining

  • compensation system

    C2C pre-storage transfer mode ,Enjoy, UH, commission

MAGIC-T Platform Special

Community autonomy, the practice of block chain initiative
  • Distributed architecture

    Flexible, safe main, elastic expansion and contraction energy obvious advantages

  • Strong liquidity holding

    Good depth, smooth, low charge

  • all types of transactions

    Main stream coin,DeFi Tokens, Platform currency and other transactions

MAGIC-T Trading Data

Are you one of them? We will continue to do so in the future


Cumulative trading volume


Total transactions


Single most traded

MTM Token、Fund allocation

The total number of MTM passes is 1,000,000,000,Never add, currently based on the public chain distribution of ether square, the subsequent main online
will be proportional mapping.。

Extended Circuit Diagram

Asset growth


Content participation








Blockchain payment, mobile payment platform

1/Asset growth

MTM platform is the platform to optimize the growth of user assets. Through a variety of participatory projects, participation and management will increase the user’s assets.

2/Content participation

Under the ownership MTM, there will be opportunities to participate in new community decision-making.


The field of the market is infinite. All of these, if run independently, can not play synergism. The role of MTM is to bring together currency markets with different passwords.


Seek the expansion of career with steady technical ability and marketing skill. MTM Payment will become an important part of all Payment markets through the development and provision of SNS Payment


MTM platform is a platform where participants take ownership. We will provide a business model that engages, plans, and grows together. This paper proposes a “true model” in which the user is the master.

6/Blockchain payment, mobile payment platform

As the core of the next generation settlement market, it is a cryptocurrency settlement platform with double-digit growth every year! MTM payment connects a mobile payment process with an exchange Wallet that optimizes user convenience.

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